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Medical center in Moscow

GVM Russia is part of clinics network holding GVM International Inc.

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Thank you for choosing GVM International!

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Thank you for choosing GVM International!

Our staff will contact you shortly

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Cardiological CHECK-UP

A proper initial consultation with a cardiologist of a great medical experience is the basis of accurate diagnosis and successful treatment of heart diseases. At GVM medical center you will get the maximum level of quali...

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Ophthalmic CHECK-UP

Provides a complete picture of the patient's eyes condition, as meticulous examination of all parts of the eye is held with the help of modern diagnostic equipment. Thus, it helps to identify the...

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CheckUp is carried out to determine the overall state of the organism, and identify possible diseases at the earliest stages. During the examination, physicians will assess the major organs functionality, as well as...

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Contacts How to get to GVM by car Clinic working hours
121099, Moscow, 1st Smolenskiy per., 7
+7 (495) 1207 961
+7 (495) 1207 962

GVM Internationsl working hours

Monday - Friday 800 - 2130
Saturday 900 - 2130
Sunday 900 - 2000

Chief physician Markosyan Tigran Grishai, Doctor of Medicine

Visiting hours: Thursday from 13-00 to 15-00

GVM international is a world renowned holding company. In Moscow now!

What is a quality medical service today? One can say that it is the "product" that is difficult to overestimate, isn't it? Not many modern clinics can provide the right approach and truly high level of medical services. Being part of the world renowned Italian holding company, we care about our image, and we guarantee the service of European standard.

Who are we?

Italian medical center on Smolenskiy per. is a place where you can find timely medical care. There is no queues at doctors' offices, in fact we have done everything to make your stay in clinic as comfortable as possible.

What are our advantages over other clinics?

We can't say that GVM medical center in Moscow is a cut above all the clinics, but the fact that we have a lot of advantages is undeniable.

  • Get medical treatment abroad — our center is part of an international holding, so we can quickly provide all the conditions for such kind of treatment;
  • Get advice from qualified world famous physicians;
  • Consult with physicians of different specialties at once, our clinic is multidisciplinary;
  • Getting services of the residential physician allows providing the best medical care.

What do we offer?

GVM clinic on Smolenskiy per. is the facility equipped with innovative medical equipment of the latest generation. Here you can get the services of the following areas:

  • Surgery;
  • Ophthalmology;
  • Pediatry;
  • Dentistry;
  • All sorts of examinations: from hormonal to serological;
  • Many other areas

Are you looking for a high level medical service? Contact GVM and we will help you even in the most tight situation.

Thank you for choosing GVM International!

Our staff will contact you shortly